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Digital Marketing

Be seen, be heard, be felt.

Marketing, in essence, is the process of getting your products and service to your prospective customers. Good marketing is a strategy with a series of
well-coordinated moves around 4 elements in your business.

The 4 elements are commonly known as the 4 P’s of marketing
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Digital marketing is no different. You need an underlying strategy to coordinate your 4 P’s for digital marketing success.
Solely deploying SEO, SEM, Facebook ads, PPC, Youtube Affiliate marketing and Email direct marketing without considering your 4 P’s is a tactic; not a strategy.

What’s the difference?
A tactic or a method is a means to achieve an objective.

But what’s so bad about deploying a tactic to achieve an objective?
We are all engaging with SEO and SEM to generate more traffic to our website and service.  Yes, but this does not necessarily translate into sales and actual conversions, which is the ultimate objective. We might see an increase in leads and traffic to our site after running an SEO and SEM campaign.
But the real question is: Is this mode of customer acquisition sustainable? If we stop running these ads, would we still have organic traffic and leads?

Let the strategy guide you
A strategy on-the-other-hand, is an overall plan, a guiding policy for decision making in your marketing. With a good marketing strategy, you have a road map to guide your decisions. Should any variable change in the market, you would know how to adjust and deploy the relevant marketing channels for maximal results.  

Therefore, to have sustainable digital marketing success, you need an overarching marketing strategy. That’s where we come in.


To create Ads which communicates your value effectively.

A product is what you sell. You could be selling a physical product or a service. Good marketing begins with your product. We find out exactly what you are selling - understanding your value proposition.


To price your product well, for best balance between your customer satisfaction and your profitability.

Consumers buy products based on the satisfaction it brings to them. The higher the level of satisfaction, the higher the price they are willing to pay. We will find the best way to price your products and services.


Helps us use the right marketing channels to reach your target audience

A place stands for the process in which your products or services are sold. This helps us breakdown your distribution channel in reaching your intended customers.


For us to craft promotions such as festive sales, discount, reward program to amplify your marketing effectiveness

Promotion is when we communicate your value proposition (your Perceived value vs Price) of your product or service at the places where your buyers belong.


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